8 Reasons Why You Should Get Married On A Weekday – Left of The Middle

A Saturday wedding is a popular choice for many couples. Traditionally, it’s the most popular and most expensive day to tie the knot. Instead of committing to a weekend wedding date, you can expand your options if you get married on a Wednesday.

We have a few benefits you might not have considered that could sway you if you’re on the fence about a mid-week wedding.

Keep saving, keep saving, keep saving

There are several obvious reasons for choosing a weekday wedding date, and this is largely the deciding factor. Choosing a weekday can help you significantly reduce the cost of your wedding venue,thoresta.se which is likely to be the most expensive part of your budget. What if you had the choice between booking your dream wedding venue and your second best?

In addition to the price being significantly lower, especially during the summer months, more rooms are often available during your desired month.

As a bonus, with hotel rates dropping in the weekdays and many offering special deals in the middle of the week, your guests will also benefit from the savings!

How you want your wedding to be

Mid-week weddings, particularly on a Wednesday, usually mean more availability for high demand vendors, from the registrar to your preferred suppliers. The low demand during the week allows you to book your favorite bands, bakers, florists, and more.


There is a common misconception that a wedding taking place on a weekday is less lively. When you depart from traditional weekend dates, you have more options for entertainment and can think outside the box with more resources at your disposal.

Details make the difference

Spending less on the venue means you can spend more time planning the special details of your event. Perhaps you could hire a horse and carriage to drive you around like royalty instead of spending the money saved on a spectacular firework show for the finale of your wedding day.

A honeymoon to remember

Also, you can go on an extra luxurious honeymoon with the money you saved on your wedding venue. A luxurious ski resort getaway or perhaps crystal blue waters and white sand beaches sound tempting, don’t you think?

Flights to your dream honeymoon destination will be significantly cheaper the day after your wedding, allowing you to go further on your dream honeymoon.

Celebrate for longer

Having a midweek wedding means many guests can escape the midweek blues by taking a few days off. In addition, you can extend the celebrations into the weekend. Your big day will most likely not allow you to connect with all of your guests, so make your wedding weekend an extended party to give your family and friends more time to catch up.